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Civil Marriage is governed by French law

Both partners must be at least 18 years old and not married or descended directly from the same family. The pair should be present at the wedding and state their yes in front of at least one 18-year-old witness.

They should be aware that the wedding will be held in French. If the bride and groom do not speak the language, the entire ceremony can be translated by a translation of their choice. Those who are French citizens or live in a French-controlled territory are unable to marry in French Polynesia.

After gathering all of the necessary documentation, the intending couple can select a neighborhood in which to marry and submit two possible wedding dates. Please keep in mind that weddings in French Polynesia are often not possible on Sundays or holidays.

Official wedding documentation for Tahiti

Identity card/passport and birth certificate, both issued no more than six months before the wedding date and an apostille (or internationally recognized official document) with a certified French translation. It is normal to present single status or a certificate of marriageability indicating that both spouses are not already married if it is not clearly stated on the birth certificate.

Death or divorce certificates, as well as a certificate of registration and, in countries where public banns are required by law, a certificate stating that there is no reason not to marry, must all be translated if necessary.

The bride and groom, or their wedding planner, must write a letter to the relevant mayor expressing their desire to marry, as well as submit the “Foreign Weddings in French Polynesia” form. All of the above paperwork must be submitted to the Mayor’s office at least 45 days before the wedding day.

The Mayor’s Office will confirm the time and day of the ceremony after all paperwork has been received, and the banns will be published.

The bride and groom, groomsmen, and guests must appear at the Mayor’s Office on time for the scheduled hour on the day of the wedding. The doors must stay open throughout the ceremony by law, and the bride and groom get the marriage certificate at the conclusion.

The bride and groom must get the French marriage certificate transcribed by a registry office in their home country in order for the wedding to be legal under the laws of that nation.